Market Needs
The profession of Bartender belongs to the sector of Tourism and Food, which is particularly dynamic and has been recognized worldwide the significance and importance in economic growth. This importance is even greater in countries where tourism is the most dynamically developing sector of the economy and the most promising for the future.


Employment Trends:

Regarding employment, the growing tourism development and an increase in leisure-catering units creates new jobs. At the same time the free movement of labor power within EU countries and the constant influx of foreign employees from abroad, is constantly changing work force data, especially in jobs that do not require knowledge or skills or even a high degree of qualification, used widely low cost employees, related to the current modern social accepted man power baseline.


Perspectives of employment:

The increase of the accommodations, food and entertainment units, shows that the number of employees in the «Bartender» profession will have a growing demand for staff in the near future. The number of tourists in Europe but also in the well accepted international destinations, is expected to increase further, leading to an increase in expenditure and employment indicators. Also, it is estimated that the impact will be even more positive in areas complementary to tourism, contributing to an overall growth of the economy.

This whole dynamic of the Tourist and Food industry combined with requirements for providing quality services has created and imposed the need for development of the certification scheme «Bartender».

The aim is the effectively connection of vocational education and training to the needs of qualified employment imposed by the market, as well as the separation of people who are key professionals in their field and can take responsibility of their profession exercise, of those entering occasionally and without cover even basic knowledge and principles of professionalism.

Therefore, the development of specific certification scheme, the subsequent institutionalization of education and adequate legislative and validating of this profession considered to contribute greatly to the smooth functioning and development of the Tourism and Food Industry.


Access conditions

Condition for participation in the certification exam is to satisfy the minimum requirements of the level of education and physical fitness of the candidate for the relevant certification scheme, as it declares the request of the applicant for certification imposed by HSTAR certification scheme.

Swiss Approval local support and development prospective

Swiss Approval International has the experience and knowledge to further develop the Bartender professional certification, adapted on the specific conditions and needs for different markets in different Countries, giving an authorized international seal of trust to those professionals.