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 Health Care Certification Services Directory: 

BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 - Health Care Services / Quality Management Systems
Aestetic Medicine Services & Wellness / Non Surgical Medical Procedures
Medical Tourism Facilities Certification Programs


Health Care Certification Services is a strategic segment, for which SWISS APPROVAL International aims to be acting as the trustworthy and valuable partner with regards to quality assurance programs addressed to all Health care Providers.

Health care sector is a multidimensional and complicated segment, strictly regulated, based on international and local norms as well as operational frames, and, consequently, its compliance to these relevant pre-requisites should be always adequately proven as valid.

According to the Euro barometer and WHO 2014 Facts, 20-40% of health expenditure is wasted due to poor quality in care.

Despite technological advances in healthcare, well-informed «consumers» of healthcare services (patients, health insurances, corporate byers), are rather skeptical and lack of confidence in healthcare services, unless a  «seal of quality» is identified and awarded to the healthcare facility.